To participate in the competition you must first complete 4 flights (tracked in FsHub) using MSFS and the default TBM-930.

  • Leg 1 – KRHP (Western Carolina Regional) – KPMP (Pompano Beach Airpark).
  • Leg 2 – KSEA (Seattle – Tacoma International) – KSQL (San Carlos General).
  • Leg 3 – LOWI (Innsbruck) – LMML (Malta Luqa International).
  • Leg 4 – EGSR (Earls Colne) – LFPB (Paris-Le Bourget)

All flights are set up on FsHub ready for you set up your flight plan.

Remember, lowest fuel burned will win so plan your flight and fly efficiently!

You can complete the required flights in your own time as long as they are tracked by FSHub. You can even complete a flight more than once.

Pick your best attempt for each flight (lowest fuel burned) and submit those on the competition entry form.


Secondly you must prepare your answers to the following four questions.

1 – In which memorable YouTube flight did Squirrel leave the flaps down for the entire flight?

2 – In the unveiling video on Daher’s YouTube Channel, what is the callsign being used in the TBM 930?

3 – Who was Paul flying the Dash-8 Q400 with when they needed to make an emergency landing?

4 – In the YouTube tutorial videos, in which episode does Paul cover the topic of “Stable Flight”?

Once all the above is completed you can go to the form and submit your entry here