Hello everyone!

Here you will find the general rules that apply to the chat over at https://www.twitch.tv/squirrel. Note that these rules apply 24/7, even when I’m not live.

I stream to have fun and to entertain everyone watching. Chat rules are necessary to make it clear what is (and is not) allowed in my Twitch channel. If my Chat rules are not to your liking, no problem – there are plenty of other streamers on Twitch with different Chat rules so feel free to go and find one that suits you best. The TL;DR is this: show respect, don’t swear, don’t advertise, don’t be a troll, no discussion of religious, political or unlawful topics.


  • All chat is rated PG, regardless of the game I play.
  • Discussion of anything religious, political or unlawful is not allowed. Same goes for Adblock. These topics are divisive and create arguments.
  • Feel free to be yourself but always remain respectful to me, my moderators and all viewers watching.
  • Do not ask for giveaways, gifts, for people to donate money or for a change of game.
  • Feel free to be helpful and offer me advice but don’t back-seat game and tell me what to do.
  • Ignore trolls. They crave your attention and mine. Let the moderators deal with them.
  • Don’t ask to be a moderator. Wait until applications are open and then apply.
  • No coloured text or ASCII art.
  • Links require approval from a moderator. Tell them what the link is. If they approve then you will be able to post it. If you are a subscriber and have been subscribed for 3 months or more you are allowed to post links without moderator approval, however chat rules still apply so do not post a link to anything that might lead to a ban.
  • English language is the only language to be used in chat.
  • Follow the rules, have fun, stay classy and share the love. <3


  • Advertising yourself, channels, streams, products, accounts, events etc. without asking a mod first will usually lead to an immediate ban. If you are unsure, ask a mod first. You have been warned.
  • Racism/sexism/homophobia or hate towards me or others will simply not be tolerated. Have respect for everyone.
  • If you repeatedly cause offence, disrupt the stream or prevent others from enjoying my streams and ignore the moderators’ warnings and timeouts.
  • Impersonation. Don’t pretend to be someone else in name or otherwise.
  • Breaching privacy. Do not post other peoples’ full name and/or addresses in chat, forums, discord, teamspeak etc.
  • Lewd or offensive Twitch names or names aimed to troll the streamer or moderators.


  • Spamming messages or shouting WITH CAPS. Maybe I missed your comment the first time, maybe I chose not to respond to it. If you keep repeating a message or shouting it you will likely get timed out. This means you won’t be able to chat for a short period of time. If this happens then take some time to chill until the time-out automatically expires.
  • Posting spoilers about a game I am playing (unless I specifically asked for help).
  • Posting spoilers about sporting events taking place whilst I am streaming or which have ended during the preceding 24 hours. People may not have had a chance to watch them themselves.

Thank you!