Many years ago (circa 2014) I purchased a PO Box as members of the community wanted to be able to send me physical items. In the early years I used to receive many gifts every month. Over the years we have had some truly extraordinary and generous items sent to me which I have showcased live on stream.

However, the use of the PO Box has been in decline, to the point where I now only receive a few items per year whilst the cost of owning a PO Box has risen quite sharply. It therefore no longer makes sense to pay for a PO Box.

It’s a very tough decision to make as there is no cheap alternative and not having a PO Box means that no one will be able to send Christmas cards, YOTS gifts, Birthday presents or any of the multitude of things I’ve received over the years.

Regretfully, I have to inform you that the PO Box is now closed. Please do not send any items to the PO Box as they will not make it to their destination and may be returned.

Many Thanks Paul