1. Open Microsoft Flight Simulator, choose the TBM-930, set fuel and payload then spawn at the departure airfield with live weather selected.
  2. Before you go flying, you need to set up your flight plan. Open Landing Rate Monitor (and FSUIPC if required), open Map > Route Plan.
  3. Next, you want to import an existing Company Route (FsHub VA) from Nutty Airways which will open the “Import Company Route” window. If you do not see Nutty Airways go back to the Getting Setup page and ensure you have applied to join Nutty Airways and wait to be accepted.
  4. Select the flight leg that you will be flying and click “Import”.
  5. Enter your planned Cruise Altitude and click “Set Active Plan” . You can now close this window, LRM should have a green “Connected” in the bottom left to show that it is connected to MSFS.
  6. If, for whatever reason, you need to respawn or restart your simulator, make sure you click “Cancel Active Plan”, close LRM,  and follow steps 2-5 again.
  7. Fly! You can track yourself on the radar here
  8. When you touch-down, LRM will automatically submit your flight details to Nutty Airways.
  9. Verify that it was recorded in FsHub correctly (i.e. Fuel burnt IS NOT “Unknown”) then take note of fuel used, flight time and URL to the flight.
  10. You can attempt each of the four required flights more than once and pick your best of each to submit on the entry form later.