1. Entrants for the trip to the Paris Air Show must be at least 18 years old, be fit to fly alone, and hold a valid passport and travel visa to France.
  2. Entrants for Runners-up prizes must be at least 18 years old or ask a parent/guardian to enter on their behalf.
  3. Entrants must fly all legs listed in the contest using the built-in TBM930 in the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator.
  4. Entrants must track their flights using FsHub and be in the Nutty Airways Virtual Airline.
  5. All routes should be flown in live weather conditions and time compression is not permitted (time of day adjustment is allowed).
  6. Fuel and payload should be set before each flight begins and not changed for the duration of each flight.
  7. Entrants must complete the entry form containing their tracked FsHub flights, quiz answers and contact details.
  8. Entrants must provide their full name, contact email address and phone number. This personal information will be used in accordance with GDPR laws and only used for the purposes of communication in the event of winning a prize. After the competition this personal information will be deleted.
  9. Entrants should indicate on the form if they would like to be considered for the trip to the Paris Air Show or only for runners-up prizes.
  10. Entrants may only submit the entry form once. (If you enter more than once then all your entries will be deleted).
  11. After the competition closes, judges will determine two pools of five winners. Pool A includes the trip to the Paris Air Show, Pool B does not. The five winning entries in each Pool are picked based on the lowest total Kgs of fuel burned across all four legs. In the event of a tie the lowest total fpm landing rate across all legs is used. Fuel burned on each leg must be above a minimum realistic baseline that has been calculated by judges or the entry will be invalidated.
  12. Valid entries are those that have provided contact details, completed all flights tracked by FsHub, completed the entry form before the closing date and answered all questions correctly.
  13. The Judge’s decision will be final.