Q: When is the competition open? A: The competition opens at 0000z 22nd May 2023 and closes at 2359z 7th June 2023. Any flights completed outside those dates will be considered invalid

Q: Can you do each flight more than once? A: Yes you can do each flight as many times as you like, but you can only submit one attempt for each flight on the form

Q: Can I do the flights in other simulators? A: No you can only do the flights in Microsoft Flight Simulator on PC

Q: Can I do the flights on the Xbox version of MSFS? A: Unfortunately due to FSHub not working on Xbox, you can only use the PC version of MSFS

Q: Can I use a different Daher aircraft for the flights? A: No you must use the default Daher TBM 930 that comes with MSFS Standard Version

Q: What flight rules do I need to follow? A: This is completely your choice – you can fly IFR or VFR, whichever you feel most comfortable with