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SnowRunner Premium Content and Season Pass

Started by Tam_O_Shanter, May 02, 2020, 08:38 pm

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Some info on what the SnowRunner Premium Edition and Season Pass is billed as featuring  -

Phase 1: Search & Recover: This addition brings another Russian winter environment, adds new vehicles, a new winter region, and new missions which include tracking down a lost soviet WWII bomber. 

Phase 2: Explore & Expand: This brings a new Canadian region with varied maps and environments. The focus of Explore & Expand is building a new settlement, letting players see the impact of their work as all their contracts come together to tame a portion of the Canadian wilderness.

Phase 3: Locate & Deliver: This brings a new Wisconsin region and will focus heavily on logging. Phase three is supposed to pay homage to MudRunner while including all the improvements of SnowRunner.

Phase 4: Expansion: This addition will be revealed as the year goes on. It's described only as an "exciting expansion".

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