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Maps Load Order

Started by Tam_O_Shanter, Feb 19, 2018, 10:19 am

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The load order of maps used by Squirrel (as at 19 Feb 2018) -

       Map zoom for SRM by Fr8i (outdated)

    !!!!!all the other mods you´re using!!!!!

    ProMods Cabin Accessories Pack 1.03

    ProMods Trailer and Company Pack 1.14 Def Trailers Standalone OR Replacement
    ProMods TCP 1.15 Def Companies
    ProMods TCP 1.15 Trailers 1
    ProMods TCP 1.15 Trailers 2
    ProMods TCP 1.15 Companies

    ProMods Def file 2.25 (with RusMap checked)

    ProMods-RusMap-connection (by Vladzz-G. Do not use the one coming with the RusMap archives!)

    RusMap 1.8-Map
    RusMap 1.8-Models 1
    RusMap 1.8-Models 2
    RusMap 1.8-Def
    ScandinaviaMod_PM_Expansion Definition Package
    ScandinaviaMod_PM_Expansion Map Package

    Paris rebuild 2.1

    Southern Region Map 6.5.2 Ferry connection to Constanta
    ProMods 2.25 -Map
    ProMods 2.25 -Models 1
    ProMods 2.25 -Models 2
    ProMods 2.25 -Models 3
    ProMods 2.25 -Media
    ProMods 2.25 -Assets

    Southern Region Map 6.5.2-English or Polish Translation
    SRMap_UK Fix.scs
    Southern Region Map 6.5.2-Def&Map (from the patch)
    Southern Region Map 6.5.2-Model3
    Southern Region Map 6.5-Model2
    Southern Region Map 6.5-Model1

    police_car_fix_Promods_Rusmap_for_the_great_steppe_1.02.scs  (outdated)
    The Great Steppe 1.0-Model
    The Great Steppe 1.03-Map
    The Great Steppe 1.0-Def


Your missing the Definitions in the pro mods list order
Dave M


Seventh from the top ?

This was the list as posted by Squirrel


hi you so if I do this it will work as i have been doing this for 2 weeks now
ProMods Trailer & Company Pack 1.20 Trailers Def Replacement (or Standalone
ProMods Trailer & Company Pack 1.20 Trailers Def Main
ProMods Trailer & Company Pack 1.20 Trailers
ProMods Trailer & Company Pack 1.20 Companies Def
ProMods Trailer & Company Pack 1.20 Companies
Paris Rebuild v2.3
Promods Addon - Emden (v1.02c)
Rebuild v2.3
promods def
Promods Map
Promods Model Package 1
Promods Model Package 2
Promods Model Package 3
Promods Media
Promods Assets
and am I right all new mods go to the Bottom of mod manager so the promods are at the top all the time

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