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Virgin Media or BT for Twitch Streaming

Started by dj_g_man79, May 15, 2017, 10:49 pm

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 Virgin Media or BT?

 Virgin Media
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Hi Everyone
I'm thinking of getting into Twitch streaming and I currently have a 100mb package with Virgin Media using an old Superhub 1. My original plan was to upgrade to their 200 Gamer package which apparently doesn't throttle your upload speeds like the other Virgin packages do. However, in order to upgrade to this package I'd need to upgrade to their new Superhub 3, which has been beset with problems and is apparently susceptible to DDOS attacks if it's chip gets bombarded with too much data. I have been looking at moving over to BT, but I can only get the Infinity 1 package where I am and I'm not sure whether that would be good enough to stream on. Is anyone streaming on either Virgin Media 200 Gamer or BT Infinity 1 and if so, what has been your experience streaming on it ?

Thanks for your help



i would think most people likes BT better but i'm not a brit so i cant tell for sure :P  all i've heard is that virgin might be harsh on your upload speed. did open a poll just in case sqrlYES

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