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Is my CPU worth upgrading?

Started by failedvirusV2, Dec 16, 2016, 01:09 am

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Hi, I currently have a Intel i7 4790 3.6Ghz cpu, is it worth upgrading it to a Intel i7 6700K CPU, I may overclock in the future. Thanks In advance


You could look at reviews to see how much performance difference there is and whether it suits your needs.

Here is an example from UserBenchmark


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i would recommend waiting on the new amd zen cpu and see how good it will be, release Q1 next year.


Depends on whether games you play are cpu bound or not.

DDR4 and a high overclocking  Kaby Lake/skylake might give you a significant boost on some games - an i5 should be enough (even an i3 skylake in testing in one review was fast enough not to choke games at 1080p). A lot of games are still only using one or two cores - so running at 5ghz (o'clocked) on an i5 that can be o'clocked should be better than an i7 that you can't o'clock. Benchmarks on cpu performance can be a bit misleading because in real world gaming the poor multicore optimization of many games means that you won't necessarily get as big a boost from an i3 to an i7 as you might expect.

However if your games are gpu dependent it might not many any difference at all !

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